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Getting a top notch job is a dream of millions out there. If that job is in Canada, then it is a blessing in disguise. Although there are several jobs in the market, here we will have a look at the highest paying jobs in the city of Calgary jobs.

Material engineer

This job is one of the finest jobs when it comes to hourly wages as well as job profile. The hourly wage of this job stands at $69.15. These people form the backbone of any city. These engineers study the properties and metals as well as non-metallic substances. Their job responsibilities involve designing and innovating machinery and many more thus making itself a cool job for professionals.

Engineering Manager

Engineering managers coordinate, manage, lead and evaluate the operations of various engineering divisions, services, or companies. If we talk about the median hourly wage, it stands at $72.12 and thus it is one of the best jobs in the city of Calgary jobs.

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Financial Managers

These people lead, organize, oversee, control and evaluate the functioning of financial departments within various companies. Mainly they take care of the account perspectives of any company. Their hourly wage is $60 which is decent to lead a happy life in city of Calgary jobs.


Legal profession is one of the most recognised and respected professions in almost all countries. Apart from handsome pay, it offers immense opportunity to grow and learn simultaneously. In the city of Calgary jobs, the hourly wage rate of a lawyer is around $72.08. These professionals provide legal  guidance to clients and they advocate on their behalf in front of judges. Moreover, all  legal paperwork such as contracts and wills are done by them for their clients.

Utility Manager

These people strategize, lead, coordinate, govern, oversee, and evaluate the operations of various utility companies. Their services even include water and waste management, water and natural gas distribution as well as waste disposal. Their hourly pay stands at $62.5. They play a significant role in the development of infrastructure of a country.

Although there are many other profiles which pay a lot, these 5 top the list. So, now it’s up to you which job suits you depending on your educational qualification and skills. The city of calgary jobs provide an equal opportunity to all people without any favor to get a job in a transparent and fair manner.

Latest City of Calgary Jobs

Administrative/Business Serv

Job title Closing date
Executive Advisor 2024/05/15
Property Manager 2024/05/23
Senior Innovation Designer – AMENDMENT 2024/05/16
Calgary Police Service – Technical Writer 2024/05/21
Project Manager 2024/05/16
Calgary Police Service – Business Strategist 2024/05/15
Calgary Police Service – CPIC Information Specialist 2024/05/16
Procurement Planning and Contract Management Strategist – AMENDMENT 2024/05/17
Leader, Employee Services 2024/05/14
Corporate Consultant 2024/05/27
Team Lead, Customer Advocacy 2024/05/27
Anti-Racism Learning and Development Strategist 2024/05/14
Information and Privacy Strategist 2024/05/21
Court & CPIC Services Liaison 2024/05/15
Waste Diversion Specialist 2024/05/15
Leader, Youth and Senior Services 2024/05/29
Project Manager, Policy 2024/05/21
Manager, Transit Service Support 2024/06/03
Business Strategist 2024/05/24
Employee Development Coordinator 2024/05/15
Community Liaison 2024/05/17
Calgary Police Service – Court Processing Specialist 2024/05/17
Business Coordinator 2024/05/31
Contract Coordinator 2024/05/17
Senior Strategic Policy Consultant 2024/05/21
Senior Policy and Business Planner – AMENDMENT 2024/05/17
Coordinator, Customer Experience 2024/05/18
Strategic Legislative Analyst, Protocol 2024/05/17
Data Scientist 2024/05/13
Telecom Administrator 2024/05/15
Manager, Business and Performance – AMENDMENT 2024/05/15
Corporate Consultant 2024/05/13
Corporate Facility Portfolio Planner 2024/05/21
Archivist 2024/05/17
Customer Service Representative 2024/05/13


Engineering Services


Information Technology

Labour/Operations Support

Leisure Services

Public Sfty/Regltry/Enforcmt

Job title Closing date
Peace Officer, Transit Public Safety 2024/05/15


Social Science/Services


Job title Closing date
Water Operations Coordinator 2024/05/21
Welder Journeyman 1 (Shop) 2024/05/16
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